Read Acts 2:17 and See What it Says. . .

Now think about it… Pentecost was the

start of the Christian Church and . . .

 What does it describe God’s heart for His people to do?

 1. Have the Spirit upon you (and in you).

2. Learn to prophesy.

Why do … so few people who are Christians

have neither of those actives in their lives?

 It’s because the devil has led

the whole world astray! (Rev. 12:9)

Try to get out of being led astray.

Get the Holy Spirit and Learn to Prophesy.

I have written two books to help people to do that.

 1. Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing the Gifts of the Spirit, by Neil Gilligan.(In Chapter 2 it teaches you to be continually filled by the Spirit and how to have the Spirit upon you. And in Chapter 3 it teaches you to prophesy) and it teaches about the other gifts too. This book is available on and you can download it as an ebook to your PC.

 2. The Essence of Christianity: Receiving the Spirit and Prophesying by Neil Gilligan. (This ebook teaches how to receive the Spirit and how to prophesy) This book is on ; go to their website, search for the book’s title and download it (It will be ready to be downloaded by November 30th.)

If you go to and find the Kindle reader and you can download it for free. Then get this ebook for $3.99.

If you go to you can download their Adobe Digital Edition for free as well.

Get the books and be empowered

to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is God!


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