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Now think about it… Pentecost was the

start of the Christian Church and . . .

 What does it describe God’s heart for His people to do?

 1. Have the Spirit upon you (and in you).

2. Learn to prophesy.

Why do … so few people who are Christians

have neither of those actives in their lives?

 It’s because the devil has led

the whole world astray! (Rev. 12:9)

Try to get out of being led astray.

Get the Holy Spirit and Learn to Prophesy.

I have written two books to help people to do that.

 1. Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing the Gifts of the Spirit, by Neil Gilligan.(In Chapter 2 it teaches you to be continually filled by the Spirit and how to have the Spirit upon you. And in Chapter 3 it teaches you to prophesy) and it teaches about the…

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