Why Should you Become Surprisingly Supernatural?

Why should you become Surprisingly Supernatural?

Why get and read the book: Surprisingly Supernatural?

Well, if you are a believer, a Christian, you have been

under an attack by the evil one, who has deceived the

Body of Christ from becoming true Christians. True Christians

are completely filled by the Holy Spirit; know how to

Hear the Lord’s voice; know how to heal the sick; know

how to discern evil spirits; and know how to cast out spirits.

But most believers are never been taught that. This book:

Surprisingly Supernatural: A Practical Guide to Releasing

the Gifts of the Spirit will teach you how to do all those things.

Become a true believer, a believing believer, and demonstrate

that Jesus Christ is God into the world around you.

Get the book and give it to some other believer who has been deceived.




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