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Get Dressed for the Wedding Banquet

June 8, 2011

Jesus tells us about the parable of a king who prepared for his

son’s wedding banquet. His servants invited people to the

wedding banquet and told them to come, “but they refused

to come” (MT 22:2-3). About the wedding banquet the

Scripture says, “For many are invited, but few are chosen

(MT 22:14). There is a time mentioned in Scripture that speaks

about a falling away that will happen (Jude 18-19;

2 Pet. 3:3-6). The result is that some fall away, others fall

asleep, and others refuse to come to the wedding banquet

(Rev 16:15). Therefore, as a true believer you need to be

sure that you respond and get ready for the wedding

banquet. The Scripture says we need to be wearing the

wedding clothes (MT 22:11-12). I believe the wedding clothes

represent the Glory of God, being clothed in the Armor of

Light, which is being clothed in Jesus Christ Himself!

(Rm 13:12-14). When you are clothed in Christ, you are

wearing the wedding outfit and then you can demonstrate

who Jesus Christ is to the world around you. You must get

 dressed and demonstrate Jesus to the world around you

(JN 15:5). Those believers are the only ones invited into the

wedding banquet. Those believers who are clothed in Jesus

Christ will demonstrate who He is to the world around them

at the very end of the end-times. Then it is those believers

who are invited into the wedding banquet. The believers

who get into the wedding banquet will have stories to tell

about how Jesus worked through them to heal people,

cast out demons and give prophetic insights to others as

they get to share how Jesus was with them to the very end

of the age (MT 28:20).  My book: Transformed by the Power

of God: Learning to be Clothed in Jesus Christ”  by Neil Gilligan

is a prophetic word to the body of Christ to get dressed in this

hour! You can Google the title to get the book,  read it and be

transformed yourself. You can also go to book stores to get it

or ask your local library to carry it. The bottom line is to get

dressed in Jesus Christ and then demonstrate who He is to

the world around you.   

Blessings Neil