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Transformed by the Power of God is Published

October 9, 2010

It is an awesome responsibility to get out the Word of the Lord. I believe that my book: “Transformed by the Power of God: Learning to be Clothed in Jesus Christ” by neil gilligan is the Word of the Lord. It is a Kairos word, which is a word for a special season. This book shows the process the Lord took me through, as a forerunner, to encourage the rest of the body of Christ to get dressed now! We are coming into an amazing time for those of us who love the Spirit of God being in us, and now we need it outside of us, that is, the Spirit is to be upon us. Now the idea is that the ordinary believer is to be both filled and Clothed in Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14). Being clothed is having the Spirit of the Lord upon YOU (Luke 4:18). And that means it is for YOU to have the Spirit of the Lord upon you. Then you will rule and reign upon the earth.

I am continuing to write and I will submit the book: “Wake UP! Preparing for the End-Times Outpouring” which reveals another aspect of being clothed in Christ.